A dazzling range of traditional & contemporary Lao, Thai and Cambodian Textiles (woven by award winning Master weavers) are available at The Faires. This range focuses on the precious heritage of Lao weaving & dyeing which are experiencing a long overdue renaissance and reassessment in their value as an intricate Asian craft. These textiles incorporate the use of NATURAL DYES IN MAKING HAND-WOVEN SILKS.

Textiles from Laos, Thailand & Cambodia.
Weaving demo on a wooden loom.

Chinese embroidered Textiles that can be framed or incorporated into clothes are also popular.

Kutch Textiles from INDIA with intricate hand embroidery and mirror work make exquisite wall hangings

Ikat textiles in silk and cotton will also be available. A special feature is the Pelampang textile available from INDONESIA.

Fancy a unique one of a kind table runner or wall hanging? Use textiles from Obis and kimonos from JAPAN to custom make them!

Obis, Japan
Wedding Kimono, Japan

Textiles for upholstering and EUROPEAN Tapestry are also featured at The Faires.

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