Fancy Faire offers a stunning range of jewellery:

Sterling Silver: With vendors from Cambodia, Thailand, India, China and Italy, the Faire's range of sterling silver is nothing short of captivating.
Whether your taste be for antique, traditional or contemporary workmanship, the Faire is one of the best places to discover beautiful silver at very competitive prices.

Go Ethnic: with beads from India, Laos and Cambodia. If you're on the lookout for gorgeous semi-precious stones set in silver, the Faire is where your search ends. Find that perfect exotic accent with one of a kind custom-made piece in coral, gold, jade and ivory to name a few.

Designer coral and gold jewellery

The gold aficionado can choose from a sweeping range of 9 carat to 22 carat gold, set with precious stones.

Colourful Shell Pearls
(Mother of Pearl)
At The Faires you'll unearth pearls galore: Freshwater pearls of the glossiest luster in a luxurious range of pinks, creams, grays and gold!!
  Classic Baroque Peals (round & irregular)
Estate Antique Jewellery & Watches (Ladies, Gents and Pocket) are available at the November Fancy Faire.

Unique costume jewellery in stone, glass buffalo and horn & crystal from Africa, Madagascar & Israel.
Mother of Pearl Fish Jewellery
  Seeds in resin pendants
Swarovski Crystals: Take your pick of Swarovski crystal jewellery.
At The Faire you can sift through shimmering pre-made pieces in a multitude of rainbow hues or simply design your own! The fair also promises some of the best pricing for Swarovski crystals in Singapore.

All this and more, including...
- From Europe and Russia: Jewellery fashioned from glowing amber.
- From Denmark: Designer jewellery made from all-natural materials
- From Finland: Bronze and Silver Celtic Jewellery.
- Marcasite Jewellery.

A wide range of opal jewellery is also available.

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