AROMATHERAPY: incense gift packs, incense burners, aromatherapy candles, oils and new age books and CDs

BASKETS: Ethnic tribal baskets in wood, rattan and bamboo from the Philippines.

Pandan Baskets with ceramic handles.

Bengkulu beaded baskets from Indonesia.

Bengkulu Beaded Baskets, Indonesia

BURMESE ANTIQUES & HANDICRAFTS: Statues and figurines, puppets woodcarvings and paintings.

CANDLES: A very wide variety of candles in a myriad of colours, scented floating, hand carved and standard.

CANDLE STANDS: in hallmarked sterling silver from the UK, silver-plated candleholders, glass and metal with crystal danglers and stately brass and etched glass candleholders from India. Wrought iron candleholders from Indonesia. Hand-painted glass candle pots from France.

CARPETS & RUGS: Persian, Pakistani and Indian silk and wool carpets can usually be found at The Faires.

Chain stitch Rugs from Kashmir, India.

Framed miniature Egyptian carpets are a best seller. Great for gifts.
Framed Miniature Carpets, Egypt

Celadon in cool blues and greens from Thailand.
Blue & Green Celadon, Thailand

Ceramics: Japanese "Hakusan" Ceramics.
Miniature ceramic collectibles are a big draw at The Faires!

CHOPSTICKS: Rosewood, palm wood, silver, lacquer and porcelain chopsticks with matching chopstick rest. Silk and brocade chopstick holders. Please see Linen & Tableware for more information.

CHRISTMAS: Click Here for Christmas.

CLOISONNE: From China: vases, decorative eggs, fabulous Christmas Ornaments and other home décor items.

DOLLS, DOLLHOUSES & TOYS: A stunning range of American dolls with accessories and furniture. Clothes to fit the 16 inch - 18-inch dolls. Wicker Bamboo Doll houses with miniature accessories from Asia. Wooden doll houses made in Germany.

EGYPTIAN ARTS & CRAFTS: Perfume bottles in rainbow colours and Papyrus paintings

EMBROIDERIES AND CROCHET: Chinese Antique and modern: on skirt panels and concubine shoes. Embroidered Pashmina Throws.
Chinese embroidered blouses and Jackets. Vietnamese embroidered shoes and handbags. Embroidered Table Linen from Vietnam, India, china and France: See Linen & Tableware for more information.
Crochet items. Made in Philippines.

Chinese embroidery
Embroidered Concubine Shoes
Pashminas with embroidery.

ENAMEL BOXES FROM THE UK: Hand painted enamel special occasion boxes and music boxes from the UK Can be personalised with personal inscriptions. Commissions are available. Great as individual gifts, corporate gifts or collectibles.
 Enamel Boxes
Music Boxes

FAUX FLOWERS: Enhance your home with a beautiful arrangement or custom design your own using your own colour and flower preferences.

FRAMES: hallmark sterling silver frames from the UK, leather frames, stonework and beadwork frames from INDIA, mango wood frames from THAILAND, wrought iron from INDONESIA and Pewter frames from MEXICO.

FURNITURE: Click Here for furniture.
GLASS & METAL: A wide range of candle stands, gorgeous ice buckets in fabulous coloured glass and metal, dinner sets, salad server sets, vases, potpourri stands and trinket boxes.
Candle Stands
Big Potpourri Ball

HALLOWEEN: Usually available at The Fancy Faires in October: a special range of Halloween items to decorate your home including witches, pumpkins and other décor.
JEWELLERY BOXES: A wonderful range of jewellery boxes to arrange your jewellery in, or to give as a gift. Leather, velvet, brocade and Shandong silk.
Silk jewellery box from China
A Japanese Kimono
JAPANESE KIMONOS OBIS AND FOLKCRAFT: A stunning range of Obis, Kimonos and Japanese folk dolls and folk art. See how these wonderful fabrics can be used as table runners and be converted into one of kind outfits!
A Japanese folk doll

LACQERWARE: Bowls, charger plates, serving dishes, coaster sets, trays, napkin rings, in rust gold, and black lacquer. Photo albums in wonderful gold black and red lacquer. Lacquer-ware is from Burma, Vietnam and Japan.
Antique Pot

LAMPS: A range of lamps to light up your home. From Mexico. Lava Lamps are also usually available.

LANTERNS: In silk from Vietnam, Chicken wire Lanterns from China.

LINEN & TABLEWARE: Click Here for Linen & Tableware.

MIRRORS: Silver hand mirrors.

MOVING & RELOCATION SERVICES: Moving house in Singapore? Moving to another country? Need relocation and support services? You will find a world-renowned moving & relocation specialist to assist you.

PAINTINGS: Vietnam, Burma, UK and Singapore based artists.
Click Here for Art.

PEWTERWARE: From Italy, Mexico, Indonesia and the Philippines. Handcrafted Tea and coffee sets, frames and serving dishes.
A unique line of pewter cutlery from South Africa will be available.

Click here to view pewter cutlery from South Africa

PHOTO ALBUMS: Handmade from Indonesia, Special children's range of photo albums and memory books Albums In Sterling Silver. Lacquer ware and Silk. Click here to view silk photo albums from China

PORCELAIN: Porcelain birdcages, porcelain lacquer boxes, porcelain and silver boxes, porcelain and wood chopsticks, hand painted porcelain plates and bowls. Special Bencharong porcelain incorporating real gold from Thailand. Whole dinner sets and settings are available including matching chopstick rests. Click here to view Bencharong Porcelain from Thailand.
Porcelain blue and white food tiffins and salt and pepper sets.

POTTERY: From China: figurines and items by local potters.

PUPPETS: Burmese puppets. Puppets from Indonesia: Wayang Golek, Wayang Kulit. Puppet stands for display can also be purchased.

QUILTS: Patchwork quilts, and Indian Designer wood block printed quilts are available in different sizes. Stunning silk quilts from Cambodia are a must see!

RUSSIAN HANDICRAFTS: A recent addition to the Faires are Russian arts and Crafts: Handcrafted and hand painted The Christmas range is especially unique.
Stackable dolls from Russia

SOFT FURNISHINGS: Need your sofa to be upholstered or reupholstered? Need Drapes? A full range of soft furnishings services is available. Cushion Covers in vibrant hues in Thai Silk, Chinese Brocade, Jamawar, Organzas, Vietnamese Silk and exotic sheers in different sizes are a special feature of The Faires.
Silk cushions

View a fabulous range of hand embroidered cushions from Vietnam, India and Thailand.

Jardosi embroidered cushion covers. Chain stitch cushion covers from India.
Hand cut cushion covers from India.

STATUES, SCULPTURES AND FIGURINES: Antique and Contemporary in Terracotta, Bronze, Sandstone, volcanic Ash, Stone, Wood and Gold Leaf. Click here to view a Buddha statue & lacquer-ware Lamp.

TAPESTRY: A variety of cushion covers and runners.

TRAYS: A fabulous range of trays in Sterling Silver, Pandan Trays with ceramic handles, Wood, Bamboo, Horn and Lacquer Trays. Take your pick!

WIND CHIMES: A new range of Wind Chimes in different sizes in Bamboo & Aluminium. For the Table as well as traditional hanging types.

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