"As a new Expatriate to Singapore, I visited Fancy Faire with two of my friends in November 2001. We had planned to spend just an hour, but ended up at the Faire almost the whole day, since there were over a hundred booths with beautiful and unusual merchandise.

The range of products absolutely amazed me and I had a hard time choosing from the variety available! We ended up with Christmas ornaments for our trees from 8 different countries! The prices were also much less than what I would pay at retail stores.

Many of the products were very unusual, not normally seen in shops in Singapore.

What a pleasant way to spend a day shopping with friends!
We had lunch at the Orchard Hotel and later on in the evening sat down and had tea with waffles and sandwiches in the lounge next to the ballroom.

We then loaded our purchases into our cars parked below and headed home, feeling happy that we had completed a major portion of our Christmas shopping in comfort".

Lisa Lane,

"What impressed me most about the Fancy Faire was the sheer variety of distinct, beautiful products - a variety I haven't seen matched anywhere else! In particular I have a weakness for the silver jewellery,
and the Faires indulge that weakness fully with some of the most gorgeous and affordable pieces I have ever seen!.

You can also find wonderful gifts from semiprecious stones and pashminas to beautiful handmade note cards as well as unique Asian artefacts and designs. Not to mention that the ballroom of the Orchard Hotel is such a pleasant oasis in the heat of Singapore!

Added perks like the lucky draw with fabulous prizes as well as the opportunity to catch a bite to eat at the hotel make the Faire a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I have consistently been very impressed by the standard of the products at Fancy Faires . My only complaint is from my husband- it seems every time I go, I always discover some hidden treasure that finds it's way back home, on our coffee table!

Lisa McCord,

"A group of us live in Johor Bahru and come to every Fancy Faire! We drive across the causeway and are there by 10 a.m. and shop the whole day and then go back. It is a wonderful way to do our shopping all under one roof.

We specially enjoy the Christmas Fancy Faires, which feature a wonderful array of unusual Christmas arts & crafts from Asean. These products make wonderful presents to take or ship home!"

Marie Lamar,
Johor Bahru.

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