HANDBAGS: Chic Leather handbags from France in the seasons fashion colours. (Wallets to match).
Hand beaded designer bags from India.
Chinese Brocade and Shandong Silk bags & purses from China.
Beaded & Embroidered Bags from China & Vietnam. (Shoes to match the bags!)
Casual & Rustic Bags made of natural fibres from Philippines. Made from Pandan Leaf, Jute and palm tree leaves.

WINE BAGS: In Jute in fabulous colours: plain, shimmering and special Christmas colours. Wine Bags in Chinese Brocade and Indian Sari fabrics.

Magazine Bags in Jute are also available.

FOR COLLECTORS: Fabulous Miniature Handbags from The US
A wonderful collection of gorgeous miniature handbags in fabulous designs. All the miniature bags come individually boxed, with a brochure and certificate of authenticity.

FOR MEN: Leather Wallets and money-clips in handsome designs.

HAND PHONE BAGS: are also available for day as well as evening from China & Vietnam.

BELTS: Beaded and hand embroidered from India And Vietnam

HATS: Women's Hats: casual, race day and special occasion hats. Imported designs from leading milliners of Australia.
Made to order, enquiries welcome!

Bengkulu beaded hats from Indonesia. These hats are originally ceremonial umbrellas. The umbrellas were attached to a pole and carried over the village chief's head, when he went on official functions to other villages. Fully beaded.
Beaded Bengkulu Hats, Indonesia
TIGER HATS: New-born babies were made to wear these hats to ward off evil spirits. Made in China.

SCARVES: A stunning range of Pashmina scarves, Jamavar reversible scarves. Merino wool scarves, georgette & chiffon scarves.
Traditional and contemporary hand-woven silk scarves incorporating natural dyes from Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.
Hand embroidered scarves from India. Silk batik scarves from Indonesia. Silk and velvet Scarves from China.

Miniature Shoes, USA
FOR COLLECTORS: Fabulous Miniature Shoes from The US
An exquisite range in many styles, colours and designs. A special baby range features baby shoes.
Each shoe comes individually boxed, with a brochure and certificate to boot!

CONCUBINE SHOES: A beautiful range of concubine shoes ranging from the traditional 3 inch shoes to the more loosely bound ones of 4-6 inches, that can be used as display pieces or framed as a wonderful piece of Art.
Concubine Shoes

TIGER SHOES: from China were put on new-born babies to ward off evil spirits. The new-born shoes were made without bases. However, the tiger shoes (for children who have just started walking) come with bases.

Beaded and Embroidered shoes are available from Vietnam and China. Get a matching handbag!

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