Concubine Shoes

- Antique hand-woven textiles from Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, incorporating natural dyes.

- Embroidered earmuffs, skirt panels, concubine shoes, tiger shoes, hats and tiger collars from China.

Antique Textiles

- Antique Mah Quah's.

- Antique Burmese Artefacts & Statues.

- Chinese hand painted and hand carved Furniture.

- A range of Antique lacquer-ware & furniture from Burma & Laos.

Antique Porcelain.
Antique Lacquer
Lamp & Buddha

- Antique sterling silver home décor items from Cambodia, Thailand, Burma China & England.

- Antique Pashmina shawls which are becoming family heirlooms.
Silver Dragon Kettle

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